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The Colagrossis

We are Mitch and Destany Colagrossi — two photography classmates who fell in love. After years of friendship with Destany calling me “blue shoes” (and I secretly referring to her as “hotstany”) our quirky personalities and passion for art brought us together. Our last name may be a little weird, but hey, so are we. We live in a tiny house with two adorable/annoying cat-children named Eloise and Hugo and absolutely LOVE to travel. Although we may live in Northern Indiana, nothing gets us more excited than a wedding in a new part of the country….nay….WORLD! Every day of our lives together has been art, adventure, laughs, and plenty of photographs. Seriously.

Colagrossi Studio, husband and wife photography team

Images by Yaro Photography

Photographing love and happiness makes our lives so much sweeter. This is where you come in! If you have a happy face or a person to love, we would love to buy you a coffee (or tea, or beer…) and we can get to know each other better!

Things we are over-the-moon about:

  • Jesus
  • Cats
  • Wine & cheese
  • Artful weddings that are a reflection of two people’s love story
  • Adventures
  • Creative couples
  • Natural sunlight
  • Past couples who keep in touch
  • Editing together in our jammies
  • 80’s music
  • Brides who aren’t afraid to get their dresses a little dirty
  • Inspiration, and the time to be inspired
  • Outdoor weddings
  • BHLDN (look it up!)
  • Film cameras
  • Anything organic or bohemian
  • Real and messy
  • Grooms who are involved with their weddings

Things we aren’t too fond of:

  • Pinterest shot lists
  • Massive, double digit, drunken bridal parties
  • Grumpy faces
  • Polo shirts
  • Gas station coffee
  • Chain restaurants
  • Dark, dingy reception halls
  • The “Cupid Shuffle”
  • Having sticky fingers
  • Cheesy poses
  • Bridezillas
  • Selective color (just say no!)
  • Bossy old church coordinator ladies