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The Colagrossis

We are Mitch and Destany Colagrossi — two photography classmates who fell in love. After years of friendship with Destany calling me “blue shoes” (and I secretly referring to her as “hotstany”) our quirky personalities and passion for art brought us together. Our last name may be a little weird, but hey, so are we. We live in a tiny house with two adorable/annoying cat-children named Eloise and Hugo and absolutely LOVE to travel. Although we may live in Northern Indiana, nothing gets us more excited than a wedding in a new part of the country….nay….WORLD! Every day of our lives together has been art, adventure, laughs, and plenty of photographs. Seriously.


Photographs by the lovely Thistle & Lace Photography

Photographing love and happiness makes our lives so much sweeter. This is where you come in! If you have a happy face or a person to love, we would love to buy you a coffee (or tea, or beer…) and we can get to know each other better!

Things we are over-the-moon about:

  • Jesus
  • Cats
  • Wine & cheese
  • Artful weddings that are a reflection of two people’s love story
  • Adventures
  • Creative couples
  • Natural sunlight
  • Past couples who keep in touch
  • Editing together in our jammies
  • 80′s music
  • Outdoor weddings
  • BHLDN (look it up!)
  • Film cameras
  • Grooms who are involved with their weddings

Things we aren’t too fond of:

  • Pinterest shot lists
  • Massive bridal parties
  • Grumpy faces
  • Gas station coffee
  • Chain restaurants
  • Dark, dingy reception halls
  • The “Cupid Shuffle”
  • Having sticky fingers
  • Cheesy poses
  • Bridezillas
  • Selective color (just say no!)
  • Bossy old church coordinator ladies